Thursday, May 3, 2012

Freestyle Spring Scarf

short wear-folded 3 times

So I made this scarf for Spring because there's still a little chill in the air sometimes and I wanted to have something to hug me...sort of.

Now, I'm all about the DIY lifestyle. You have control over what you will wear and how it will turn that. I actually dyed this scarf in strawberries which was another fun thing for me to do.
You guys know how much I LOVE pink, but I wanted a blush pink nothing bright; just something sweet and pretty. And I just couldn't find that shade I wanted in my stash and I didn't want to buy more yarn...I have enough that I need to use up already so I used this organic cotton yarn which was undyed and dyed it with berries...but that's a whole other post.

This was a freestyle, out-of-the-blue design that turned out kinda cute and I wanted to share it.  I wanted one of those new scarves that they sell but I didn't want to buy it because I find that they are a little costly and It wasn't gonna be used a lot.

I wanted something light in weight and stringy or drapey so I worked from the length of it first; I made it as long as I wanted using a chain and worked on the width from there. Stopping to single crochet in 3 middle sections; to give the scarf stablilty.

You can wear it long or short (as the pictures show) a regular scarf or an infinity scarf. It's up to you and your style.

light weight and pretty

long wear-folded in 1/2

8 oz organic cotton yarn (any color)
2 yards embroidery floss
size D crochet hook
tapestry needle

Ok, let's go (see stitch guide below, if you need it):
  1. ch 102, place a marker in each of the last 2 ch (that will be marker in ch #101 & ch #102)
  2. repeat Step 1; 3 more times; so you should have a long strand of ch divided into 5 main stops (2 ends & 3 middle sections)
  3. 1 sc in the second ch from hook and next ch; (that's 2sc at the end of the strand)
  4. ch 100
  5. 1 sc in each of the next 2 ch (where the markers are)
  6. repeat step 3 & 4 across every row; until you get the width you want; (this scarf is very the more rows you make the better it looks when it drapes on your neck)
  7. after you get the width you want; working on one end: work 6 rows of sc to give the scarf a little stability at the end; fasten off
  8. now join the yarn to the other end and do the same as step 7.

Your scarf is now finished.
You can sew the ends together in a fancy stitch with the embroidery floss; to make it into an infinity scarf or you can leave it as is.
ends sewn together with embroidery floss
1 section to end

Stitch Guide:
chain (ch): yarn over, bring yarn through loop.

single crochet (sc): insert hook through ring or stitch, yarn over, bring yarn through 2 loops.

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